In 2011, the shower truck operated on an annual budget of $12,000. In 2018 our expenses increased to $25,000. This change was precipitated by an increase in maintenance costs, a rise in the number of clients served, and the need to pay the cost of insurance – previously paid by a donor.

To help offset some of the program expansion costs, we sought grants and were awarded grants in 2018 to help purchase the new shower truck. Additionally, we were recently blessed by the 100+ Women Who Care of Central Oregon, who donated a total of $23,000 to support the renovation work needed for the new truck’s conversion. 

How You Can Help:

Funding for the truck’s daily operating expenses is needed. These expenses include,

    • $315.00 monthly for truck storage – the truck is parked in a storage unit to reduce the potential damage caused by Central Oregon’s freezing temperatures.    
    • $6100.00 yearly for truck repairs and maintenance 
    • $871.00 monthly for additional fees paid for insurance and business operation
    • $156.00 monthly for cleaning supplies 

If you are interested in making a financial donation, please go to the Donate page.